Friday, March 13, 2015

Simpson=Green Diamond Green Diamond=Simpson

Skip to 2:15 The same people own both companies, don't let them fool you into thinking otherwise.
Green Diamond is not some evil empire that just moved to Shelton.  Green Diamond is Simpson with a different name.

Pictures from the March 3rd Pool Protest

Shawna Whelan Photography is allowing us to post these pictures here.  She says that all of these pictures are for sale as full sized high resolution photos with no watermark and a license to print.

Pool Protest Pictures and Pictures of the March 10 School Board Meeting

This pictures are for sale as full sized high resolution digital images with the rights to print.  Shawna Whelan photography is allowing us to post these pictures here.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Time for a flashback

Railroad ave

Parade heads up 7th ave

Making signs at Loop Field

Parade pauses in Front of Kneeland Park Children wave the The flag of Guatemala

Parade heads down highway 3

Signs at Loop Field
Some folks hung out at Kneeland park after the march

Friday, February 20, 2015

Shelton Pool Rally and Meeting at the Civic Center

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From Left:  Pool supporters Anne Flynn, Kadie Tsark, and Paxson Walsworth hold up signs
in support of keeping the pool open on Railroad ave in Shelton, Washington on Thursday Feb. 19th 2015 at 4:45pm

At 5pm  Pool supporter Michelle Schreiber holds up a sign in front of the library.
Other pool supporters can be seen in the background 

Dennis Simon hands out flyers to passing drivers.  The flyers invited people
to a meeting on how to save the pool to be held at the Civic Center on the same night at 7:pm

Pool supporters hold up re-purposed signs in front of the library, other protesters are across the street.
Pool supporters reused signs from other campaigns including the "Save our Air" sign on the left

From Left Jahanel Biscay-Neal and Sara Childers rally to support the pool at 7th and Alder

From Left: Maddie, Laura, baby Jace and Kason McGee show their support for the pool by
holding up signs and wearing life jackets in front of the library on 7th and Alder

At 5:45 pm pool supporters walk from the library to Choice High School where the
School Board is about to meet.
At 5:50 PM Pool Supporters chant and hold up signs on the street below the Shelton  School
 District Board room at Choice High School.  Pool Supporters left at six when the board meeting started.  This
is the view of the pool supporters from the Board Room

Members of the public wait for the School Board meeting to begin while
pool supporters rally below the window outside.

Members and support staff of the School School Board prepare
to start the meeting at 5:55.  The Shelton School Board voted 4-1 to
close the Shelton High School pool at the previous meeting.
Board member Sandy Tarzwell, not pictured, voted against closing the pool.

At 7pm the community meets at the Shelton Civic Center to discuss options for saving the pool.
Jacquie MacAlevy is at the podium

Representative Drew MacEwen takes the microphone from  Jacquie MacAlevy.
He said that he will continue to pursue a $250,000 grant for the pool but only
if the School Board agrees to keep the pool open.  Sally Karr is in the background.

Representative Drew MacEwen heads back to Olympia to seek funds to
keep the Shelton High School  and Community Pool open

Mary Jean Hrbacek speaks out against saving the High School Pool.   She is holding up a copy of
 a newspaper with her full page advertisement that she said that she paid $950 to run
Pool supporters buy items including bracelets and Tee shirts to raise funds for the pool
after the meeting ends

Former  Shelton teacher Bill Valley signs a "Save Our Pool" sign that was originally used last year and was
 used  again last night. Lots of folks have signed their names to it in support of the pool.
Pool supporters buy items and sign petitions to raise funds for the pool after the meeting.

From Left Maya Thomas, Angela Anderson, and Adelle Anderson
hold up a sign for people to look at as they leave the meeting at the Civic Center in Shelton,
Washington on Thursday Feb. 19th 2015