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Friday, April 18, 2014

Todays Dumpster Find!

  A new feature for this blog, the dumpster find of the day or maybe the week or maybe the month.. it all just depends on how I feel.

Here is the first find for this series, these men were all found in the Treasures dumpster yesterday.  They are the presidents of the Bayshore Men's Club.

I'm holding these guys for ransom, make me an offer.  Purl is in kind of bad shape and about 1/4 of them are water damaged thanks to being left in the dumpster.   Gary, the Jr. high teacher / sports announcer is in the worst shape of all.

They should all be archived and stored, what a shame that these got tossed out.  At least 20 of them are missing, I have 18 of them, dates range from 1951 to 1994 with many gaps.

Caught one!

The first pedestrian to be trapped in one of the brand new pedestrian traps!

A stuffed dog was trapped as well. 
Good catch!

The state of the art in Shelton

This is arguably the most artistic installation art in Shelton and it's been hit by cars many times.  The city should repair this art and abandon the beautifully constructed pedestrian traps, as nice as they are and as well as they are made,  they are still not art, they are boondoggles.

The face (a clock face) fell off this piece about 6 years ago.  The cane used to be attached to the base but it broke about 4 years ago.  Every time I see this it is leaning over a little bit more. 

It's time to fix up this place
and plant some trees

Good luck, pedestrians of Shelton...

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Shelton's Pedestrian Traps Revisited

 Same box, different angle could you see a kid on the bike or an adult in a wheel chair if they were behind the box?  Of course not.

No way to see little kids or folk in wheel chairs behind this planter.  On a green light cars turning right could run over pedestrians crossing 7th.  On a red light cars turning right could run over pedestrians who are crossing railroad.  There is no excuse for this, the city will be held liable when people get hurt.

Sure the crew did a very nice job making those boxes and they admit that they even made them easy to repair in anticipation that they would be hit by cars.  Hmmmm well the boxes will be easy to repair if hit by cars, but what of the drivers and passengers of those cars?  What of the pedestrians behind the boxes?

I was horrified to see the same planters at First and Railroad. I almost got run down in that intersection two weeks ago before the planters were placed to obstruct views.  

I was crossing Railroad and a car was turning left onto Railroad from First.   I had to jump to avoid being  hit.  I gave the rear quarter panel a good whack with my hand (left a nice hand print) and then I tracked the driver down and waited for her outside the post office.  When she came out I asked her what she thought she was doing. 

The fancy new signals and wheel chair ramps at this intersection are just a joke now that these trees have been installed here.

Cars turning right onto first street with a red light could hit this pedestrian who is crossing railroad, she has the green light.  Can you see her in these pictures?

Can you see the pedestrian getting ready to cross the street?

Here a Pedestrian crosses first ave (highway 3) while yakking on the phone he has a green light as do the cars turning right and left onto highway three from railroad ave.  This is a fatal accident waiting to happen.  In the first picture he is already in the crosswalk, but you can't see him.

Can you see the pedestrian?