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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Brazil beats blue 5-1 at Loop Field this Afternoon

We were told that the score was 5-1.  Brazil is the team in yellow.  We don't know who the blue team is and after they were beaten so badly we were afraid to ask.

Brazil jumps over Blue near the Blue goal line

The final goal of the game scored by Brazil in yellow, two defenders from the blue team
try to block the ball.  The blue team's goal keeper on the far left is wearing all red.

Some sort of depute with the referee after the final goal was scored

I was shocked and dismayed at the board's meeting on Tuesday

As a resident of the City of Shelton I was shocked and dismayed at the
conduct of Jim Carnahan at the board's meeting on Tuesday, October 14,
2014, a piece of which can be watched at the following link:

This was not even the most offensive portion of Mr. Carnahan's outburst
Tuesday night, just the part caught on tape.

What superintendent in his or her right mind would want to come to Shelton
with Mr. Carnahan on the board?


None in their right mind would come to work with such a board member.

We will be lucky to get any applicants at all with Mr. Carnahan on the

Given the fact that the law offends Mr. Carnahan, and that he is unable to
accept it, much less help to implement it, I respectfully request that Mr.
Carnahan resign from the school board effective immediately.

There can be no moving forward for our district with such a divisive
figure dominating the board and exhibiting such aggression towards the
other board members.

Katherine  Price

Thursday, October 16, 2014

A relatively boring school board meeting

 At least the lighting was interesting today.

Board members Jim Carnahan and Sandy Tarzwell

 Dr. Micheal Boring of McPherson & Jacobson LLC came to speak
 about the process of hiring a new superintendent.  The board decided 3-2 to

wait until later to begin the process

Interim superintendent Dr. Art Jarvis

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Shelton Board of Education Votes on Proposed Transgender Student Policy

This photo was used by KMAS without our permission

The audience is over capacity by three, so before the meeting Interim
 Superintendent of Shelton  School District, Dr. Art Jarvis asks if three school 
district employees will leave

Shelton School Board Meeting starts with the pledge

School Board President and Chairperson  Brenda Hirschi faces a mixed crowd

Lifelong Shelton Resident Carol Davis watches the meeting


A citizen speaks during the public comment period
Interim Superintendent of Shelton School District, Dr. Art Jarvis
Speaks during the meeting.  The board mission statement is on a sign above him.

Shelton High School Principal Wanda Berndtson speaks to the board, Choice High school principal Stacey Anderson on the left waits her turn to speak.  Both Principals spoke in favor of having guidelines put in place.

The meeting begins to get rowdy, Jim Carnahan says he is 
offended, Brenda Hirschi tries to maintain order.

Here is a video of the rowdiness

Finally they vote on the proposed policy, it passes 3-2
This is what they were voting on

Sandy Tarzwell and Jim Carnahan vote no, Brenda Hirschi, Gene Crater and Cheryl Williams vote yes.

Learn more about this meeting here on the link below, if clicking on this link does not work try cutting and pasting it into your browser
If cutting and pasting the link does not work, try right clicking on link and then selecting "save target as"

(copied from the Shelton School District website)
School Board members are elected officials who devote many hours to planning and setting direction for our schools. Important duties include selecting the superintendent, hiring of personnel and adopting budget proposals. One of their primary functions is to determine school district policy.

In addition to making decisions about district issues, they try to keep abreast of all the developments in education in our state and around the country. They believe that an informed and involved community is critical to a successful school district and want to maintain open communication with all constituents.

The Shelton School Board is composed of five citizens and one student representative who are elected to represent the community in setting policies and directing school programs. Members serve in staggered four-year terms. School Board members must be United States citizens and qualified voters residing in the district.

The Shelton School District School Board Director districts are in transition from 5 geographical based districts to 3 geographical based districts and 2 at large districts.   For the geographical based positions the Board member must live in the director district from which he or she is a candidate, but is elected on a popular vote from the total school district. The Board members representing the at large positons can live in any of the 3 districts.  The state does not limit the number of terms a director can serve.