Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Shelton School Board Meeting - Art Jarvis Announcement regarding the Pool

  Photo and video submitted to Shelton Blog by Shawna Whelan Photography.


Interim Shelton School superintendent Art Jarvis announces the Mason General Hospital that the School Board will be working on "a possible collaboration regarding the pool"

Dr. Art Jarvis steps away from the podium after announcing that he and the CEO of Mason General are working on a "possible collaboration regarding the pool"
Young pool supporter addresses the board
Guardedly optimistic pool supporters in the hallway outside the board room after Art Jarvis made the announcement.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Friends of the Shelton Dog Park Loop Field Fund Raiser Today

Pictures donated by Shawna Whelan Photography:

Gunner and Runner want to join in on the fun

Pool fund raiser

Pictures donated to Shelton Blog from Shawna Whelan photography.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Simpson=Green Diamond Green Diamond=Simpson

Skip to 2:15 The same people own both companies, don't let them fool you into thinking otherwise.
Green Diamond is not some evil empire that just moved to Shelton.  Green Diamond is Simpson with a different name.

Pictures from the March 3rd Pool Protest

Shawna Whelan Photography is allowing us to post these pictures here.  She says that all of these pictures are for sale as full sized high resolution photos with no watermark and a license to print.

Pool Protest Pictures and Pictures of the March 10 School Board Meeting

This pictures are for sale as full sized high resolution digital images with the rights to print.  Shawna Whelan photography is allowing us to post these pictures here.